LOS ANGELES — Cheryl Hines has gone from the small TV screen to the even smaller screen.

The actress, best known as Larry David's long-suffering ex-wife on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm and as the saucy neighbor on ABC's Suburgatory, has entered the world of original Internet programming with We Need Help, a new series for Yahoo.

We met at her home here to discuss making Web TV, her favorite apps, why she misses her old BlackBerry phone and how Internet research sends her down a "rabbit hole."

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"A few years ago we thought about this and someone suggested doing a Web series. I'm embarrassed to say I was really judgmental. I thought, `Web series? Who watches a Web series?' " But in the last few years technology has changed. Now you're watching everything on your iPhone, iPad computer and kids these days really watch everything on their computer. I feel like it's a different world, and there's a real place for that."


Yahoo's Burning Love reality spoof and Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, on her MacBook Pro laptop.

Actress Cheryl Hines talks to Jefferson Graham about keeping her iPhone charged, and about how she misses her old BlackBerry.


An iPhone, iPad, the $99 Mophie battery pack for her iPhone and an old BlackBerry. "You plug the Mophie into the iPhone and it's charging at the same time." Her iPhone usually lasts two to three hours, but with the Mophie it's an extra eight hours. "The BlackBerry would never run out of battery," she says about her older device of choice. She switched to iPhone because she liked how you can enlarge the text on the screen. "Sometimes for work someone will send me a script to read, but I couldn't read it on my BlackBerry. I needed the iPhone."

Actress Cheryl Hines discusses her favorite apps on Talking Your Tech.


Texas Holdem Poker (free; Apple, Android). She likes to play the poker app on the set while waiting for scenes to start and on airplanes. "It's fun if you're really bored."

Yahoo Weather (free; Apple, Android). "It shows what the weather looks like in other cities. I love that."

Vine (free; Apple, Android). Her daughter enjoys using the Twitter app to make six-second videos, which are often looped, but Hines doesn't get it. "I don't find (Vines) very entertaining. You see the same thing over and over."

Cheryl Hines talks abouit going down the "rabbit hole" of Internet research and discovering fans of her feet online.


"What happens to me, and probably happens to most people, is you go down a rabbit hole when you start looking up" stuff online. "I'll look up, `What are the words to The Star-Spangled Banner,' and the next thing I know, I'm looking to see how (actor) John Stamos lost weight. I somehow went down that rabbit hole one night and ended up watching a video that had been put to music of shots of my feet. I really try not to Google myself — because nothing good comes from it."


"I don't spend a lot of time in front of my computer, and when I do, I think the time should be spent answering e-mails." She's tried Twitter, and has an account, but tweets infrequently. "I don't really follow anyone," she says. She was following CNN's Anderson Cooper, "but he's too chatty," generating too many tweets for her to keep up with. She unfollowed him. "I can't even answer my e-mails—I don't have time to read tweets, too."

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