NEW YORK — CBS This Morning co-host Norah O'Donnell is about as as wired as it gets.

The former White House correspondent uses two phones — an "antique" BlackBerry and an iPhone 5 her kids have stuffed with games — and depends on fitness apps and an iPod Nano to help her monitor her weight and running regimens.

O'Donnell told us all about it in an interview at the CBS This Morning set here.

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During her days In Washington, D.C., she found the private BlackBerry Messenger service (known as BBM) to be the "favored" way of short instant-message communication. The phones connect on a private BlackBerry network. "There's a belief among government officials and others that it's not traceable. So sometimes with sources, I'd get tips, some things they didn't want to say via e-mail or a text."


The jogging enthusiast says: "I use the iPod Nano as frequently as my phones. I connect it with my shoes (via a Nike+ accessory) and it records how much I run, how fast I've run, what pace I'm at, how many calories I've lost, and it all gets synced up on my Nano." The info also gets uploaded to the Nike website.


O'Donnell recently moved to New York for her This Morning gig, but had spent the last year working four days in the city, and going home to Washington, D.C., Thursday evenings. Boarding the plane, she took advantage of the US Airways electronic boarding pass for the iPhone, read books on a Kindle once in the air, or more frequently, took the occasion "to unplug and take a quick snooze."


The MiFi personal Internet hotspot device from Verizon (plans start at $50 monthly) is "very helpful." Covering the White House could send her to a variety of locations where she had to be connected, like remote areas or "a bus. I love this device."

Norah O'Donnell | Her Favorite Apps


Uber. She uses the on-call cab service for Apple and Android devices "a lot. It's a service where you can call a taxi to come pick you up, usually within five or 10 minutes. I like the convenience of it. If you're in a place where there isn't a cab, and there isn't going to be a cab, you can get the (Uber) car quickly." (Uber currently operates in 20 US cities.)

MyFitnessPal (free for Apple and Android). "You can record your fitness each day and your weight goals."

• FiOS remote. Change the channels or program the DVR on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices for Verizon's cable-like TV service. She watches little TV ("I have three kids — by the time I get home from work and I'm putting my kids to bed ... I can't wait to go to bed." But with the app, "sometimes you'll be at dinner and someone will mention a show. Recently PBS had the Makers series, and I was not home yet, so I DVR'd it."

Norah O'Donnell | Twitter | Talking Your Tech Bonus

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