Irena Mujakovic purchased her 2003 Saab from Holiday Motors in January and now regrets her decision. The international college student said she didn't expect the problems she encountered

"It had transmission problems," she said," the message said gearbox malfunction."

They repaired the vehicle and sold her a warranty but then the transmission went out again.

"First time I paid $300. Second time they asked me $400 saying how the warranty doesn't cover labor," said Mujakovic,"I though it unfair because nobody said that to me."

Mujakovic filed a complaint with the DMV's district office who investigated and told the dealer to give her a refund.

"That's actually money that I borrowed to pay them because I don't have it. My tuition is very expensive," she said.

This week when she went to pick up her refund she was surprised. She said the dealer had two bags of coins and some dollar bills.

"There were some one dollar bills but mostly pennies, like two full bags," she said.

Mujakovic left the bags at the dealership. She said she didn't know if it was the correct amount, and didn't have time to sit there and count every penny.

"I'm so mad with them," she said.

Ed Di Miranda runs the dealership.

"The warranty did not cover labor and I failed to write that in and that was her loophole, " he said.

When asked if the coins were retaliation for her complaint, he said business has been slow and he's pulling money to give her a refund.

"I am doing what DMV asked me to do," he said "it is legal tender."

Di Miranda said only about $85 of the refund was in coins, and the rest was in dollar bills.

He said it is money he emptied from various containers where he keeps spare change. He said as far as he's concerned, he has complied with the DMV order and the money is waiting at the dealership for Mujakovic to pick up.

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