STOCKTON - Gary Hickey thought his legal problems would be resolved by now. But candidate for San Joaquin County district attorney, who's dealing with a hit and run case, a DUI arrest, and an incident involving another man who suffered a dislocated hip, will be back in court June 9 for another hearing.

HIckey appeared in a Stockton courtroom early Monday on the hit and run case which stems from a 2013 crash in which he's accused of leaving the scene. But because Hickey is running for district attorney, the local office has a conflict and the case will now be handled by the state Attorney General's Office. And because there have been two more incidents involving Hickey in just the past several weeks, the state needs more time before proceeding.

Hickey interpreted the continuance as a sign the Lodi DUI case will fail.

"They have no case. It was a political arrest in order to put me in a bad light. They've had the case a month. That's enough time to file a DUI," Hickey said.

He then snapped at the question of continuing his candidacy.

"Has there been any conviction? Has there been any conviction? I'm gonna run like hell. Jesus, that's a silly question. I'm a trial lawyer, I don't quit," he said.

HIckey is one of two candidates for San Joaquin County district attorney. His opponent is current prosecutor Tori Verber Salazar.

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