STOCKTON, CA - Bathrooms are locked and benches and tables have been removed from a Stockton park that attracted all sorts of criminal activity.

"Gambling, drinking, drug use and sales. With the combination of that comes gun violence," said Stockton police Officer Joe Silva.

Fremont Plaza is located just north of downtown and adjacent to the Bank of Stockton main office.The bankhelped the city fund the work to remove the tables and benches.

"That business district knows we have limited resources. That's why they brought this to the police department. It's what we've been preaching for the last six months. We want the community more involved," said Silva.

Trees at Fremont Plaza have also been trimmed to allow more sunlight and parking hours at the park will also be reduced.

The park has also been the location of several shootings over the last year.

by Tim Daly,

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