MODESTO - Police in Modesto continue to say that there is no clear motive in Thursday's midday murder of a 51-year- old handyman.

Kirk Edwin Lund was painting over graffiti on a utility box near Modesto Junior College when he was shot and killed. With the help of eyewitnesses, police almost immediately located the suspect, 24-year-old Joshua Stewart.

Lund's friends and family were emotional Friday talking about the murder.

"It's stupid, just plain stupid, no meaning whatsoever. You've got to have value of people's lives. He left behind a wife and four kids and a whole lot of people who liked him," a teary John Hertle of Exit Realty said.

Exit Realty often used Lund to make repairs to homes and apartments.

"He was a hard worker and a family man, very involved and close to his family. It's a severe loss," s Lund's mother-in-law, Carol Perry, said.

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