LIVINGSTON, Calif. (AP) - A Central California chicken-processing plant is suing a pest control company over a cockroach infestation that caused the plant to close for two weeks.

The Modesto Bee reports that Foster Farms in Livingston filed a lawsuit against Orkin LLC and its California subsidiary in Merced County Superior Court last month, seeking damages for what the company calls a failure to fulfill a cockroach-control contract.

U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors closed the plant Jan. 8 after finding cockroaches five times in four months. That closure came after inspectors threatened a shutdown because of salmonella problems at the Livingston plant and two other Foster Farms sites.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are 574 reported antibiotic-resistant salmonella illnesses tied to Foster Farms.

Orkin is trying to move the case to the federal court in Fresno.

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