A Marysville dispatcher stayed cool under pressure when an emergency call came in about her son choking. (Tuesday, July 8, 2014) News10

Former Marysville emergency dispatcher Britney Melchor said it any dispatcher's worst nightmare, receiving an emergency call for help from their own home.

In May, Melchor said she was training new dispatcher Adam Brooks when he answered a 911 call for assistance from her home.

"It dawned on me the second time I heard my address," Melchor said.

Melchor's husband Robert Kimball called for help after their 14-month-old son Maverick swallowed a washer the size of a nickel.

"After I got off 911, I went back in the room to see if the object was still in the same place," Kimball said. "At that point, he was limp and not breathing,"

Melchor said once she heard the call she remained in work mode and quickly sent emergency crews to her home, but felt helpless as a mother.

"I felt very helpless," Melchor said. "The mother aspect, I felt I wasn't there for my child."

By the time emergency crews arrived at the home, Kimball was able push the washer down Maverick's mouth, making it possible for him to breathe.

An x-ray showed the washer in Maverick's stomach. His parents said he passed the washer two weeks later and is perfectly fine.

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