The family of a missing man is asking for the public's help.

Steven Richardson, 28, has not been seen since a fishing trip to Marysville's Ellis Lake on Sunday.

His wife Gina Richardson said Steven called her Sunday night to say he was at Ellis Lake and planned to walk home, about three miles away. That was the last she heard from him.

Richardson has been searching for her husband for the past three days. She and their 3-year-old daughter Harmony have walked the area between their home and Ellis Lake, but so far nothing.

"Sunday about 9:30, he called and said that he was on his way home, and to get his dinner warmed up, and I said, 'okay,' and then he said, 'I love you,' and I said, 'I love you too,' and that was it," Richardson said. "He never came back after that."

Richardson said her husband has never been missing before, and it's not like him to disappear without contacting family. He has relatives in the Rancho Cordova area, but a search has failed to find any trace of him.

"I just hope that he's not somewhere hurt in one of these orchards or something somewhere where nobody's able to find him," Gina said.

While Richardson's last known location was in Marysville, he is believed to have been on his way to his home outside city limits.

Anyone with information about Steven Richardson's whereabouts is urged to contact law enforcement.

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