MARYSVILLE - It was a pricey senior prank at Marysville High School. A student changed several pages in the school yearbook right before it was printed.

The 2014 yearbook for Marysville High was printed with as many as 175 errors, according to students. It was filled with a number of sexual innuendos, mismatched names and photos.

"There are people's names misspelled. Like, I don't think I should say them," student Lacy Wood said.

"It makes me mad, sad and disappointed that someone would do that to our yearbook," student Alex Hall said.

The yearbooks were distributed to students about a week before school let out for the summer. It could cost the school district as much as 35,000 to reprint the 350 yearbooks.

Instead of reprinting the yearbooks, the school tried to fix many of the pages with stickers or layovers.

But not all the errors were corrected. One of the most glaring mistakes was on the special education page. The prankster changed the program's name Virginia School to "Virgina" School.

Lacey Wood said her brother is in the program and on that yearbook page. Her mother is mad about the prank and thinks the prankster should be punished.

Some students know the person behind the prank. They said she was in leadership class and on the yearbook staff.

"She says it was her senior prank," Wood said. "But I think she was trying to be mean to whoever."

According to some students, that senior is not going to be walking across the stage during graduation. Neither the school principal or superintendent could confirm that information, saying that it was a confidential student matter.

As for the prank, Yuba Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Ramiro Carreon said, "We will do what we can to rectify that, to remedy the situation and help those impacted."

Some people are demanding that the student behind the prank should be severely punished, and the yearbook should be redone.

"With a 175 errors, the book needed to be redone," concerned grandparent Pam Carmichael said.

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