SACRAMENTO - The so-called "King of Revenge Porn" is out on bail following his arrest by the FBI for allegedly stealing nude photos from hundreds of email accounts.

Woodland native, Hunter Moore, 27, was arrested last week on charges of conspiracy, hacking and identity theft. The very next day, he posted $100,000 in bond and was released from county jail. The charges he faces could land him in prison for up to 5 years.

Moore tried to get away from numerous TV cameras as he walked out of jail. Although still considered one the most hated man on the internet, Moore's revenge porn website,, is now defunct.

That's where thousands of explicit photos of people were posted without their permission - some submitted by revenge-minded ex-lovers.

The woman who helped bring down his site is now known as the Erin Brokovich of "revenge porn."

"It's amazing, the hatred of women, the misogyny, the enjoyment they get from humiliating people," said Charlotte Laws via a Skype.

One of those humiliated was Charlotte Laws' daughter, Kayla. She says her email was hacked and a topless picture of her appeared online. "My daughter was devastated, she was in tears," said Laws.

She says Kayla was almost fired from her job over the incident.
That's when Charlotte became obsessed with stopping Hunter Moore and his website.

"I conducted my own investigation. I started contacting victims off the website and I found out that 40 percent of them had been hacked by the same guy," said Laws.

Charlotte worked tirelessly with FBI investigators for almost two years and on Thursday, Moore was one of two people charged with hacking into email accounts and stealing nude pictures.

"I was ecstatic when the arrests happened and many of the victims have contacted me, elated as well," Laws said.

But the damage has already been done to hundreds of victims.
And while Moore is not allowed to use a computer, many of his followers are going online in his defense.

Moore will be back in court February 7.

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