SACRAMENTO - Youbrave the madness ofBlack Friday and battle hoards of discount-hungry shoppersto score some great deals for your holiday shopping. There are a lot of items that will be discounted, but not everything needs to end up in your cart.

Website 24/7 Wall Streetput together a list of items to leave off your BlackFriday shopping listthis year.

Toys: Toys are said to be the worst buys on Black Friday. Their demand peaks around November and then drops like a rock two weeks before Christmas.

Winter Clothes: Winter clothing is considered to be a bad bet. It tends to cost more in the season it is needed.

Holiday Decor:There are better deals at the tail end of the season so you may want to wait until later in December.

Fitness Equipment: In January, gym memberships tend to go upd due toNew Year's resolutions, so equipment is usually discounted.

High-End Sets: Higher-end HDTV's are not considered to be a good buy because companies at this time give bigger discounts to lower-end TV's.

Electronics Accessories:A lot of these retailers will offer a headline product for no profit or even at a loss and then look to profit by selling the accessories at a considerable mark up.

Home Improvement Supplies and Tools: It's best to wait until right before Father's Day for the best prices.

Gearhead and Griller Supplies: Automotive supplies are cheaper in the Spring and Gas Grills are cheaper in September, so you want to avoid those.

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